Surfside Beach

October 10, 2019

The marsh walk in Murrell's Inlet is one of my favorite places to go. The entire boardwalk is along the water strung with little cozy, tiki-style bars and restaurants. All of the palm trees are draped with twinkle lights and music is constantly playing.  The marsh walk has such a vacation vibe and is the perfect place to enjoy a drink with the variety of outside bars.

Across from the marsh walk is goat island (which the kids love seeing each year). The goats have inhabited the island for more than 20 years - the owners of Drunken Jack's put them there to help keep the underbrush down. They are brought to the island mid-spring and removed during late fall. 

(Goat island is to the left in this photograph)

The beach and ocean is somewhere I want to prioritize planning a trip to visit each year. Salt water + sunshine is so ridiculously good for the soul. Along with spending time away on adventures with my sweet family.

Check out that fine lookin' man I call husband. I always think he's gorgeous but the beach just intensifies it, am I right? lol

We could not of asked for a better condo with beautiful views of the ocean. We spent every morning sipping coffee on our balcony as well as late nights drinking beers to the ocean waves. Jesse and I might of even fallen asleep with our bedroom slider doors wide open a couple of nights too.

Right next to our Condo (walking access via beach) was The Conch where I got frozen toasted almonds to enjoy pool-side! This place is super cute with a large wrap around deck for ocean front views.

In addition to Murrells Inlet, we visited Myrtle Beach's boardwalk and had fun checking out Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium along with a delicious meal at Landsharks. 

Some things I want to remember:
Shark spotting at the pier.
Shark rescue on the beach.
Harlow collecting coquina clams.
Bedtime chat between the kids.
Hot tub.
Trivia night.
Hard-on guy. (Don’t ask)
Muddy slip and fall.
Kids awesome road trip skills.
Britt’s Conch lunch.
Flooding at the marsh.
Cheesy calzones.

Vacation definitely goes far too fast but I'm looking forward to all the memories we create each summer with our little peanuts. They love the ocean and traveling and can't wait to continue these adventures together for the years to come.