Happy Birthday, Brody

July 22, 2019

Brody is 7 today, yet he feels so much older and wiser than that. Just over the weekend as I'm rooting through the fridge, Brody comes up next to me frantically searching for water (which he really never drinks). "They told me I need to drink water", he says. "Wait. Who told you to drink water??", and he replies very simply "the news". Laughing, I ask exactly when he watches the news and his response was "When I wake up each morning. Today will be very hot so stay hydrated mom"

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a very old-soul. Most children his age are simplistic and playful while Brody has always been sensible and experienced. He is absolutely an empath and can quickly pick up on the emotions of others surrounding him. He feels deeply, is incredibly sensitive and very contemplative. Sometimes parenting two children on very opposite ends (Harlow being strong-willed, impulsive and carefree) can prove to be difficult. Daily, I am changing the way I parent to help grow both of their personalities in positive ways. Most days I worry I'm failing and mostly with him. He is already such a responsible gentleman (don't get me wrong there are still many days his 7 year old age is apparent) and I wonder who is the teacher and who is the student.

Fittingly, Brody has been incredibly fascinated with the Titanic for awhile now even though he has yet to see the entire film. To be truthful, he wasn't even aware of the movie prior to his unusual interest in it. He knows off hand the Captain, the date of it's maiden voyage and sinking, designer of the ship, where it took off and where it was heading, the amount of lifeboats, death toll along with countless other facts. He was adamant in having a Titanic birthday this year, so a Titanic theme is what we had.

So here's to another year sweet boy. You listen well, you truly think before doing (most of the time), and are respectful and mature. We love the person you are and the one you are growing into. Happiest of Birthdays Brody, our sweet-natured old soul little man. You might not always feel like you fit in with your peers, but you are the perfect fit for our family.