Harlow's "Big" Girl Room

March 16, 2019

 Harlow transitioned to this room quite a bit ago - but, it's taken me a little in getting around to finally sharing it!  Not too much has changed from her nursery color-wise other than adding in a few pieces to make it (and her) feel a little bigger.

One of my favorite pieces, biggest inspiration and probably most used item is this floor pillow. Harlow puts her dolls on it, plays on it and uses it at her vanity. Its super versatile and light-weight so she'll carry it from room to room too!

Her built-in shelf got a tiny update with some miniature cacti and a wooden felt letter board that matches her bedding. Geez, apparently I took this photo back in October. 

So this, above, was a total last-ditch-effort DIY.  Jesse was supposed to build her a sliding barn door (prior to her birth when we were finishing her room renovations) but you know, life, new babies.. all that stuff kinda gets in the way and you end up with an almost 4 year old and an open closet. I found this adorable boho curtain and made a wood bead garland accented with twinkle lights. Now I don't want a sliding barn door so I guess its a good thing he didn't waste his time. Plus she loves the cozy look of the soft lighting at nighttime.

Lastly, don't be fooled. Behind that curtain is Ikea boxed storage where she keeps every single cloth bin full of toys. The three wooden drawers under her bed hold toys too. There is also two giant clear containers at the top of her closet that hold, you guessed it, toys! The under bed storage was truly a game-changer for organization though. I highly recommend investing in a bed with storage underneath for easy-access play and to hide items in plain site. 

Her wall to the right of the vanity (not photographed) has a pink vintage kitchen and babydoll crib for play but I didn't photograph that because it's real life and it's messy.