All Hallows' Eve

November 14, 2019

Surfside Beach

October 10, 2019

Happy Birthday, Brody

July 22, 2019

Brody is 7 today, yet he feels so much older and wiser than that. Just over the weekend as I'm rooting through the fridge, Brody comes up next to me frantically searching for water (which he really never drinks). "They told me I need to drink water", he says. "Wait. Who told you to drink water??", and he replies very simply "the news". Laughing, I ask exactly when he watches the news and his response was "When I wake up each morning. Today will be very hot so stay hydrated mom"


July 17, 2019

Harlow's LOL 4th Birthday Party

June 11, 2019

100 months of home

May 18, 2019

We're in our 8th year of living in our home and there is so much feeling behind this milestone. If I'm being honest our house is quite modest having one floor as our main living space with both our bedroom and Harlow's, then an upstairs attic conversion which serves as Brody's room (the largest of the three) and we've always tossed around the idea of sizing up or one day moving.

And though our living space is fairly small, 1,200 square feet not including Brody's room, it is drenched with energy - usually full of love, laughter and an incredibly cozy vibe. Having a maintainable mortgage allows for our family to spend money on other experiences and adventures. Jesse and I love traveling and are finally approaching the age where our kid's can travel further too. There's a special kind of feeling with that freedom and an excitement being able to show them both new places and things.

So although there is stuff we would like differently in our home (fixing up the outside and finishing a basement) for now, this is our space. The space where memories have been created and will continually be created. Where we sit by a warm fire watching movies and eat dinner in a sunroom under twinkle lights. Where there's never a time I can't hear everyone under the same roof since we're all within a certain distance of each other. 

Plus, it's incredibly special to me that Harlow and Brody get to grow up having nunna and pap only two houses away if there ever be a need for a quick hug in a moments notice.

Believe me, we've had our crazy share of issues that come with a home built in the 1940's but I've realized in these 8 years how important it is in finding contentment with what you already have and just how much this little home of ours has given all of us.

Fish Taco's

April 10, 2019

We met some friends Friday night at The Crafty Jackalope and I ended up ordering some incredibly good fish taco's (I highly recommend eating there, the food is ridiculously delicious in addition to the atmosphere) and have had a craving for some since.

Brody's Bearded Dragon

March 31, 2019

Never imagined I'd be sharing this introduction, but here we are. I was a little caught off guard when Brody asked for a bearded dragon. Although it was really cute that both him and Harlow questioned if they were able to breathe fire. My first response was "ehh..", but the more I thought about it, the more I thought why not? I grew up having creatures and I think an interest in reptiles and proper handling of them is good.

Meet, Echo. 
He's just a tiny little thing.

Peyton At The Falls

March 22, 2019

Skinny Birthday Cake Protein Blondies

March 20, 2019

House Plants

March 19, 2019

With spring arriving tomorrow, lets talk plants! I love switching things up seasonally in our home and this year wanted to incorporate a more modern minimalistic-boho vibe.

Harlow's "Big" Girl Room

March 16, 2019

 Harlow transitioned to this room quite a bit ago - but, it's taken me a little in getting around to finally sharing it!  Not too much has changed from her nursery color-wise other than adding in a few pieces to make it (and her) feel a little bigger.

Spring Wish List

February 27, 2019

I've started to pick up some things for our home here and there because adding a touch of spring gets me excited for the upcoming seasonal change. I tend to invest in transitional decor, stuff that I can use throughout the year usually sticking with neutral colors. I've been slowly grabbing items but I'm pretty sure Hearth & Hand's new spring line won't be available until mid to late March.

Look how adorable this Hearth & Hand toy gardening caddy is for all the little gardeners in training who want to help mama out! Both Harlow and Brody love to plant and we had some amazing sunflowers to show for it last year. I've also been loving the scent of sugared lemon lately. I haven't tried this Bath & Body Works candle yet but recently got a Sugar Dusted Lemon one from Kirklands (the 3-wicks are on sale right now for $9.99). It is such a yummy, fresh and clean smell to have wafting throughout the house, you'll love it too!

Spring is almost here guys.. just a few more weeks and we'll all be enjoying the open windows, fresh air and sunshine!

ŪNICO, Fitness + My motivation

February 25, 2019

I'm reallllly trying to hold myself accountable this go round because I have a tendency to fluctuate, especially during the winter months. I'm a pumpkin beer girl and compare myself to a chubby bear that hibernates come fall. I drink, I eat, I get lazy therefor I gain. This time though, I have something big to look forward to.

Jesse and I haven't been away, alone, since our honeymoon back in 2010. We decided that an adults only getaway was well deserved and booked an all-inclusive at a romantic resort on our favorite island, Jamaica. I have goals guys. I want to feel great in those warm waters and of course look great in such an environment too. Who wouldn't?

I've noticed lately that I have daily motivators. Things that in addition to working out, eating healthy and reducing my caloric intake have helped me along the way. I ordered supplements recently and really look forward to my protein. I like having it because, well, it tastes delish and looks pretty, but most importantly it feels damn good that I'm making my body healthy too!  
Pretty packing + healthy sup's is apparently my jam. 

(UnicoNutrition supplements here)

Now, stay with me. I know everyone is different. What drives me, might not drive you - but I think it is so important to sometimes have some thing. That being supplements, new workout gear (can we say these white yoga pants I ordered below), cute sports bra or new Nike's - find whatever that thing is that makes you happy and excited to stay on track - then hook onto that shit every. single. day. 

(photo credit: aerie)

Because yes, pretty protein and white yoga pants make me happy and keep me motivated.
So does a hot, tropical get-away in paradise with my very handsome husband. 

What motivates you?

(photo credit: resort site)

Glowy AF

January 15, 2019

Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones

January 13, 2019

Harlow is reaching the awesome age of loving all things girl, and I'll have to admit - I love it too. We are now approaching the super fun stage of me living vicariously through her amazed little eyes with everything glittery, magical and topped with sparkle. This year Santa brought Harlow a Poopsie Unicorn. Since then, the obsession with unicorn poop had begun.. because if you hadn't heard, unicorns poop rainbows. This recipe was super simple so it wasn't hard for the little ones to help. I can't take credit for the creation (pinterest find) but I tweaked it a bit for more pastel colors/cake batter, because who doesn't love pale pinks and purples?