Lavish Earth

August 27, 2018

With fall and Halloween just around the corner, I figured this would be a good post for the almost upcoming season. I follow a few Instagram accounts that are really big on the health benefits of essential oils and crystals. Both being holistic, natural and earthy -- my interest piqued. I love essential oils and if I'm being honest, mainly for smell (vanilla, rosemary and lemon being my favorite combo). I haven't used them daily or frequently enough to determine if there are actual health benefits to them, but.. I do believe the many people I've spoken with that say they've helped during the sick season along with the alleviation of stress and anxiety among other things. I've had a diffuser for quite some time but am somewhat limited in the oils I can use because of our pets. Any oils that contain phenols are toxic to cats so I won't diffuse those in our home.

Only recently have I learned about crystals and what really drew me to them was, simply, that they're pretty. Just like dreamcatchers and twinkle-lights, I thought they would make for some cute accent decor in our home. Crystals are the new succulents. I like to think I have healthy skepticism, but an open mind so I ventured to a local store Sunday afternoon I've never been that had the most overwhelming assortment of rocks, crystals and oils you could ever imagine. Himalayan rock salt anyone? Although, this is probably where I need to mention my quirky traits for those who don't already know.  I love Hocus Pocus (I know, I know- who doesn't?) and quite literally imagined owning the charming, picturesque shop Verbena Botanicals that Sally Owens did in Practical Magic. I've always been attracted to stuff that is seen or looked at as magic, organically - herbs, oils, stones, etc. I also love experiencing things and people that are completely out of my comfort zone or even likeness because for me, that's how I personally learn and discover. If you keep yourself in a tight circle of people who only think or act like you do, how can you ever unearth new interests or curiosities. I find excitement in that even if I quickly realize something or someone isn't my vibe. This store, on the other hand, was incredibly interesting to say the very least.

While there, I acknowledged my total lack of understanding for crystals and the woman working told me to just grab one I was intuitively drawn to. The look, the color, the "feeling", whatever it is.. select the one that is connecting with me. Honestly, I was there for quite awhile. I was guilty of reading some of the rock and crystal meanings without allowing my intuition to guide me so then I felt somewhat influenced by my decision making. It was fun and entertaining but I felt uncertain so she recommended an affirmation deck, specifically a crystal one, that would teach me more about the stones and the meanings they held. I'm all about daily words of affirmation (everyone could use a little self love and Sally in their life) so I said ok and was about to check out with Lavish Earth in hand. Doing one last walk-through, I randomly discovered some beautiful palm stones. There was no meaning card above them or description of benefits, but I liked their shape. They were smooth, heavy and round and the one in particular was so pretty I decided if I came here to get a crystal, this would be it. It was a semi-translucent milky color, with shades of dusty pink mixed with cream flower bursts and sparkly bits. I later learned called a Flower Agate.

I researched some info on Flower Agate when I got home and funny enough one of the stone meanings was "go where the magic takes you in the here and now".  I can't say that I will always remember to pull out my affirmation deck or palm stone when I need a little bit of universal/spiritual guidance or that I even necessarily believe it, but I do agree that sometimes in life you can't always be entirely rational. Alternative wellness and holistic healing has it's place in this world especially when used along side traditional medicine. Plus, the trip and experience was ultimately fun. I got entertainment from the affirmation cards, even making my overly skeptic hubby (who made fun of me for quite a bit) pull his own card that day. Unfortunately, I won't ever have my own herb shop or get an acceptance letter delivered by owl -- but it's fun to occasionally step outside the norms and participate in something completely different than you are used to every now and again. We all could sometimes use a little magic.