August 29, 2018

I'm so excited to introduce the newest kitten to our family, sweet little Blu. He arrived Tuesday after a trip to Ohio (he comes from Michigan) and is a Ragdoll. His coloring is traditional blue colorpoint, which actually is the original color I fell in love with when I first discovered this laid-back breed.

This little guy stole my heart from the minute he arrived. If you follow my Instagram, you'd of read that he had a really really difficult start to life. I've seen him at his scrawniest, fighting-for-life age and I fell in love while watching him thrive and grow. 

He is 17 weeks old and only 3lbs! His eyes are the brightest blue and so big and round. 

This little guy might end up on the more petite size for a male raggie, but he'll be full from love. Harlow and Brody already adore him and he is such an aloof sweetheart.

Welcome home, Blu.