November 8, 2017

Over the weekend we surprised Brody and Harlow with a new kitten, Charlie. We've been keeping this a pretty big secret since late March and our little guy happened to arrive right before the holidays.

He is a mink lilac ragdoll and his fur is absolutely beautiful. I can only compare it to a bunny's with how soft and fluffy it truly is.

Never could I forget the look on their sweet faces when they opened the box to this tiny kitten. Surprises are seriously the best. My teary-eyed sensitive guy looked at me excitedly asking if this "is a real cat?!!" 

Charlie has been so snuggly and precious. We could not of wished for a more laid back, gentle temperament or demeanor. He loves belly rubs, cuddling and generally being around everyone at all times.

I cannot wait to experience the holidays and Christmas with our kitten and to watch the kids with him as he grows. Brody has done an excellent job with his new responsibility of feeding him and helping me at the vets. We couldn't be more proud.

 I apologize now for the ridiculous amount of oversharing I’ll be doing of this guy but we've been waiting so long for him to come home. Plus, he’s just so dang cute! My gratitude for my family is overflowing and I still feel incredibly grateful to be able to give them this sweet surprise.

Welcome home, Charlie.