Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast

May 8, 2016

Today we wanted to have brunch for my mom to show her how appreciated and loved she is. To celebrate an amazing woman and to give gratitude for the huge role she's been in all of our lives. Having her and my dad right down the street is not only incredibly convenient but has also created a special bond between my children and them. I feel grateful Brody and Harlow are growing up surrounded with so much love and having Nunna and Pap Pap close by.

Skinny Mojito's

May 4, 2016

This is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages other than beer. (I love my beer and look forward to Fall with pumpkin being my favorite - specifically this, so go out and try it. I promise you'll love it too). Mojito's are a major reason why I keep fresh mint growing in our house throughout spring and summer.  Whenever I am in the mood for a refreshing drink, I pinch off a few leaves and make this fairly quick.