The Bucket List 'Grow Something'

April 29, 2016

I've been searching Pinterest as of late to discover new things for us to do as a family and with Brody this summer.  He is getting to that really cool age, the fun one, where he's starting to become our little buddy. There isn't a day that goes by he doesn't have us laughing. Big, belly laughs too. His jokes, his inquisitive nature or the petrified face he makes while Jesse rides him around his bedroom in a storage container.  I'm betting dad probably made the "ride" a bit too fast, but laughter definitely followed. I know I'm biased in saying what every single parent says, but I swear this boy is just so smart. A little stinker every now and then, but very smart none the less.

During my searching, I stumbled on a 'Summer Bucket-List' pin and the impatient section of my brain was immediately like "Jess, we have to do this, I NEED to go find thin chalk right this second so I can draw on our chalkboard!", and he's all like "Kaelyn, its 10 o'clock at night, go to bed you crazy ass" and I might of silently cursed to the Pinterest boards because he loves my late night pinning, obviously.

I've definitely seen these pins before and if you follow me over on Instagram, you've probably read me mention there's some slight truth to that being the reason I asked Jesse to build me a chalkboard in the first place. I found thin chalk here (which I highly recommend for more detailed work) and created our own summer bucket list the very next day. Impatient, yes? (I absolutely see this trait slowly developing in Brody too, sorry J.)

At dinner that evening, we spent time explaining each individual activity to Brody and how it was going to work. An entire summer devoted to you sweet boy, doing things you love or will grow to love. He was pretty damn excited, in fact so much so he was eager to start the very next day. The weather was unseasonably warm last week, so 'Grow Something' it was and we headed off to Home Depot.

Look at Harlow peeking at me. Isn't she so darn cute? This age isn't quite as appreciative of the family activities (or her momma's effort) but that chubby sweet face will of course be in attendance for each of them. She still is wide-eyed and curious loving to follow her brothers every move. He on the other hand, can sometimes not be so tolerant. Moments after this photo, we had a mini melt-down because Low wanted to steal some of his Cheerio's and slightly, slightly scratched him in the process. Oh did the drama ensue. It was like an episode of Desperate Housewives with one participant not even sure what the hells going on. "She's just a baby bud", is something we find ourselves saying all too often.
At Home Depot we allowed Brody to pick whichever thing he wanted to grow, be it a flower, vegetable or fruit.  He suggested a fruit or vegetable to "feed Harlow" (because we all know he won't eat it), originally asking for 'Hot Pepper' because he wanted to light her mouth up.
I'm totally kidding. He is very endearing with her when he wants to be, saying he loves having a baby sister and truly he does.  

We landed on tomato's and that's what we brought home.

After some serious dirt digging then hand-washing, we explained to Brody that taking care of a plant is similar to an animal. One of his daily/weekly chores is to now water it and make sure it's getting enough sunlight. Once the sprout is hardy and our weather more consistent, we will transfer it outside to a larger pot in hopes of growing some tiny tomatoes. I would love to be able to make a delicious batch of homemade sauce from them.