Six Months of Harlow

December 20, 2015

Harlow is the epitome of 'fat and happy'. We couldn't of hoped for a more smiley babe with such an easy-going and pleasant temperament.  She is such a grabber too, reaching for everything in her chubby little arms length which in return has accounted with hair loss for me.  Her hair on the other hand is really starting to come in.  Darker than I expected with the sweetest little patch creating a natural mohawk.  One I would of killed for Brody to have.

So much of Low is simple and easy.  She sleeps through the night (typically with one wake-up) and hardly ever fusses.  A smile is something you don't need to work for since a simple glance her way creates the largest one.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking we could maybe add just one more.  Jesse quickly shuts the idea down, asking if I'm nuts and we both laugh.

I know I'm going to drive Harlow crazy with photographs, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this little one is full of glitter, sparkles and all things pink so I can continue doing these sessions until she tells me to stop.

 Until then, Happy 6 months sweet little Low. We love you.