Lime-Washing Terra Cotta

February 29, 2016

One of my favorite spring DIY's is to lime-wash my store bought terra cotta pots.  I'm no fan of the awful orangey color these planters initially are purchased with, so I've done lots of searching for an inexpensive way to beautifully age them.

Jaipur Acacia Wood Bench

February 21, 2016

If any of you have seen my Instagram post a week ago, you've seen the new Acacia Wood farmhouse table I found at 'At Home' for our sunroom.  I am still in shock that I discovered this beautiful piece because they retail on the Internet upwards of a thousand or more.  I took a dozen photos with my phone, texted the hubs (he was at work) and we ran out later that evening to pick it up.  Honestly the purchase price was pretty great, but anything I want to buy that ends up saving my husband from custom-building himself is even sweeter.

Shabby-Chic Garland

February 19, 2016

Today I am popping in to share a sweet and simple craft I made for Harlow's shabby-chic 1st birthday in June.  Can you believe she is going to be one already, because I seriously can't.  With Harlow being my second, time seems to have gone much quicker and it makes me a tiny bit sad.  She finally dropped off her last middle-of-the-night wake up and I secretly miss that alone time her and I shared.  She was always so sleepy and peaceful during that feed.  The entire house would be quiet as I sat there rocking, softly kissing those sweet chubby cheeks while she played with my hair.  Usually she was quite gentle, but other times, geez that girl knows how to pull.  If post-partum doesn't account for much hair loss.. a grabby babe certainly will.  Unfortunately, I had both.

Lovely Low Co.

February 17, 2016

I love having photography as a creative outlet, but I also have a love for home décor and DIY's! It all started when my husband and I made these sweet wooden boho arrows for Harlow's shabby-chic styled room. From there, my want (my need) to craft and make things has blown into outrageous proportions. Pinterest is like crack and I'm sure my husband wants to literally kill me, daily. Anyways, Lovely Low Co. was born and I'm pretty darn excited about it. Currently I am not taking any custom orders (unless mentioned), therefore - anything in my shop most likely won't be made again for quite some time. Grab them up like hot cakes people!