Ok guys, you clicked and made it here. Taking a deep breath and stepping off that cliff...

Beachbody. I'm going to just say the word to get it out there before you even continue to read (or to at least get the eye rolls out of the way). I've been doing this program since August of 2015. It was exactly two months after having my sweet Harlow and I had officially gotten the clear from my OB to safely exercise. I was completely lost and wasn't sure where or how to start. Harlow was my second babe (for those who don't know me personally) and I allowed myself to hit the 200 pound mark while pregnant with her, and honestly I have no regrets. I realize your body is only suppose to allow for 200-300 extra calories a day but I was hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. I was also very sick with her during my first trimester and didn't eat at all for fear of throwing up. My second half of pregnancy, my body wanted food and I fed it. I knew I had the discipline to work off whatever I gained so I just listened to myself and ate when I was needing it. Strangely, never once did my OB mention my gain or express any concern over it. But, after delivering my baby I was unhappy with my weight, felt sluggish, uncomfortable and really wanted to get that pre-baby body back even quicker than it took to gain it. This is where Beachbody first entered my life.

You see, for the past two years I have been actively eating and working out through Beachbody and I wasn't a coach. That is such an important point here. I have read and continue to read so much slack on the program and how coaches are manipulators, that the business is a "multi-level marketing scheme" and that it flat out just doesn't work. When I left the hospital after delivering Harlow and stepped on that scale I was 182 pounds. Naturally, I lost about 10 more over the course of those first 8 weeks (either through breastfeeding or the lack of being able to actually feed myself with a toddler and newborn in my life lol). I was sitting, uncomfortably, at 172 pounds. That was the weight the scale showed at my post-partum appointment and the day I was cleared to be able to start working out. I went home, spoke with a friend who was doing the program, ordered the 21 Day Fix and have since through food education and exercise, lost an additional 40 pounds. Beachbody works. I'm tired of hearing the naysayers, because I am proof. Sometimes I joke that I'm literally in better shape now than I was before kids. Not only is my weight at a good place, I've learned to feed myself and my family with much healthier choices. I've lost weight before, but there is such a big difference in eating Lean Cuisines and actually learning how to cook for the ones you love. I'm creating healthy habits for my little peanuts and living by example. I want them to grow loving wholesome foods, knowing proper choices and enjoying exercise and healthy movement.

Now what drew me in initially with the program was the convenience of working out in my own home and obviously the cost. I've had gym memberships before and nothing was more difficult than trying (or even wanting) to hit up the gym after being a stay at home mom all day. Plus, with our family being single-income, I couldn't justify spending money monthly on a membership I wasn't even actively using.

After two years of participating in a program that worked incredibly well for me, I decided to sign up as a coach. Not for the extra income (in fact, you can become a coach simply for the program discounts which is money-saving in itself) but because I truly believe in it. My income is my photography which I love, but I also realize through that I have a fairly large platform to friends, family and people who cross my site. I know that Beachbody programs work so why not extend that information and availability to people who feel just as lost as I did at two months post-partum. Why not share recipes, tools and the support you need to create positive changes for yourself and family too. I'm blogging anyways, right?

So listen, if you wanna just swing by here to look for a fresh recipe because you just don't know what to make for dinner or maybe you are a little curious about Beachbody but don't want to commit to anything, feel free to just visit whenever you like (I'll be occasionally posting BB related stuff over on Instagram as I have been, so follow me there too). If you have questions, ask - I'm totally open to answering the best I can. If you've decided on wanting to feel great, eating healthier and feeling more alive but want to know costs, I can help with that too! There is no better way to continue to hold myself accountable daily than to share my lifestyle with you. I'm going to be doing a totally FREE group on Facebook regarding recipes, workouts, accountability, etc. If you are interested in joining to secretly creep or even actively participate - click the 'private accountability group' link below (or shoot me a message and I'll add ya!)


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