Hey there! I'm Kaelyn and after the birth of our sweet girl Harlow in 2015, my photography went on a short hiatus. I really wanted to soak in all that newness that comes along with fresh life and so gratefully got to enjoy several months with her uninterrupted. It was wonderful.

Throughout this time, my husband and I did a lot of work around the house in preparation for and after our little arrival.  We wanted to have our renovated home as fully complete as we were capable of with a lively three year old boy in the mix.  In the midst of the hard-work, Lovely Low Co. was born. A place where I can share the projects we've made and more importantly have them available to you.

Jesse and I have always been creative individuals. I love that he is willing to embrace my projects with an energetic eagerness.  He enjoys working with his hands, is extremely detailed and can literally create almost anything I ask him for.  I, on the other hand, have a love for all things aesthetically pleasing. I've noticed that my passion for a perfect photograph, minimalism and living the simple life created a want for space where I could combine everything I loved into one.

Here I hope to share inspiration, DIY's, recipes, healthy living habits, my photography, home d├ęcor and little bits and pieces of my love and I raising our two tiny humans, Brody & Harlow.  If you are interested in following along, just enter your email under the 'subscribe' button or if you would like to just check back - always come here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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