Homemade Yogurt Puppy Treats

April 21, 2020

I think we're all starting to get a little stir-crazy from the quarantine so I'm trying to find ways the kids can be creative (and functional). Yesterday we spent the afternoon making these puppy treats. They were ridiculously easy and Remy loves them. The kids just chopped up blueberries and strawberries, placed them in our puppy bone molds and topped with plain yogurt. We froze them overnight. The probiotics in yogurt can help with Frenchie's sensitive digestive tracts and the fruits are packed with vitamins. Harlow actually eats the treats too, which is hysterical.

Brody wanted to share the treats they made, so we created puppy bags to go and did a safe porch drop-off delivery for all our friends' dogs! We also looked together and saved some fun homemade puppy recipes for future fall and Christmas baking that are made with pumpkin and gingerbread.

The silicone dog bone mold we used can be found here.