Harlow's LOL 4th Birthday Party

June 11, 2019

Happy Birthday, our little Harlow. You are such a unique creature. Incredibly stubborn, strong-willed and free spirited. You march to the beat of your own drum without backing down to anyone or anything. Your perseverance certainly perseveres and your emotions have always been strong and loud..

But, as many may perceive these as negative traits - everything you are is everything I’ve always wished, growing up, I could be. What took me years and years to grow into, you’ve wonderfully seemed to have always been. A sense of complete self-confidence and strength. You don’t need to figure out who you are, you inherently know.

With this side of you also comes a very loving and protective soul. You know your family and you stand behind all of us with such, loyalty and fierceness it makes me laugh since you were only three. We don’t need to raise you in becoming a strong woman, we need to nurture and feed what you already are. We love you!

Harlow was so excited to have her very first friend birthday party. She is currently loving LOL dolls so naturally that was the theme she chose and enjoyed every second of it!

 Special thanks to Made to Cake for her custom LOL doll cake and Something Sweet for her LOL cookies and of course all of our friends and family who wished her the happiest of birthdays and came to celebrate with us!