100 months of home

May 18, 2019

We're in our 8th year of living in our home and there is so much feeling behind this milestone. If I'm being honest our house is quite modest having one floor as our main living space with both our bedroom and Harlow's, then an upstairs attic conversion which serves as Brody's room (the largest of the three) and we've always tossed around the idea of sizing up or one day moving.

And though our living space is fairly small, 1,200 square feet not including Brody's room, it is drenched with energy - usually full of love, laughter and an incredibly cozy vibe. Having a maintainable mortgage allows for our family to spend money on other experiences and adventures. Jesse and I love traveling and are finally approaching the age where our kid's can travel further too. There's a special kind of feeling with that freedom and an excitement being able to show them both new places and things.

So although there is stuff we would like differently in our home (fixing up the outside and finishing a basement) for now, this is our space. The space where memories have been created and will continually be created. Where we sit by a warm fire watching movies and eat dinner in a sunroom under twinkle lights. Where there's never a time I can't hear everyone under the same roof since we're all within a certain distance of each other. 

Plus, it's incredibly special to me that Harlow and Brody get to grow up having nunna and pap only two houses away if there ever be a need for a quick hug in a moments notice.

Believe me, we've had our crazy share of issues that come with a home built in the 1940's but I've realized in these 8 years how important it is in finding contentment with what you already have and just how much this little home of ours has given all of us.