Myrtle Beach

August 25, 2018

This was our first family vacation as four to the beach and we had so much fun. Experiences are very important to me and I want Brody and Harlow to grow up with tons of memories of adventure and a bit of wanderlust. We enjoy sharing our love of travel with them (and love for the ocean) and hope they grow up continuing to love it too.

One evening we took them to Murrell's Inlet Marsh Walk which is a cute boardwalk filled with restaurants, stores and bars located in the heart of a historic fishing village. They got to see goat island and enjoy some beach vibes with delicious outdoor food and live music all bellied up to the high-tops while Jesse and I enjoyed a cold beer. 

We also took them to Pirates Voyage which I highly recommend. The show was fantastic and our babes were actually selected to BE PART OF THE SHOW. I was so freaking excited. Jesse and I had to also participate otherwise I would have taken a lot more photos. 

The kids talked about riding in the Pirate boat for days guy.. days. 

We spent our days enjoying the boardwalk, eating pizza, dancing and laughing. Watching their eyes light up with anticipation and magic of new experiences will be something I never forget. 

We truly lucked out with some great weather. All of us loved the ocean and both Brody and Harlow woke up every morning excited and eager to swim. 

My parents surprised the kids by being there (we knew but kept it hidden from them) and it was the sweetest thing ever. Having everyone there was incredibly special for us all. 

See that sweet ass necklace Brody's wearing? Thats his shark tooth and current most prized possession. I wouldn't be surprised if he slept with it on. He thinks it's the coolest thing ever, and if I'm being honest.. I do too. lol

Thanks for an amazing time -- we'll see ya next year, Myrtle.