Merry Christmas

December 28, 2018

Our Christmas tree felt so cozy this year and I'm already missing the warm glow it brought in our home during these dark evenings. We were even surprised having another kitten this year to survive without damage. Blu did a pretty awesome job in not climbing in it or knocking it down. 

Our elf Rolly (his name legit changes every year, do these kids not remember or what?) returned from the North Pole on December 1st with some custom cookies and Christmas jams for the little ones. They were really excited to see him and enjoyed his tricks and treats for the weeks leading up to the big day. I even had fun with all the sneaking around festivities that go along with his stay. Except for the random 2AM wake-up's in a frantic state thinking I forgot about him..

Here's me as a reindeer. Kidding. It's filtered, I'm lazy.

And seriously, what better way to celebrate Harlow's 1/2 birthday in preschool other than some milk & magical cookies. Unicorns + Christmas is always a good idea.

We also pulled Brody out of school early on a Friday for a trip downtown to see The Polar 
Express in 3D. Afterwards, we walked around the city, checking out Christmas lights and stopped to eat while he enjoyed a root beer straight from the bottle (like a grown up, he says). This kid is easy to please. Harlow enjoyed herself too, I swear, even though her facial expression suggests otherwise. 

It's become a bit of a tradition now to head to Kennywood for their holiday lights (which we all love) and Jesse and I really kicked ass as parents by surprising Brody with a Christmas Cruise on the Gateway Clipper Fleet. This kid is obsessed with cruise liners and Titanic, so being on a large (to him) boat was pretty much the coolest thing ever. 

For teacher gifts this year, both Harlow and Brody were proud to have made Snowman Soup (hot cocoa) and Homemade Peppermint Body Scrub. These gift ideas were adorable and I loved that the kids personally made them (with a little bit of help from me). 

Our Christmas was filled with so many magical moments and adventures. I hope your holiday season was just as cozy, warm and memorable too!

Merry Christmas!