September 30, 2017

Fall is my favorite season around here and decorating for it makes me just as happy. Although we added some spooky stuff around the house for the little one's - I kept most of my other decor pretty simple.

I wanted to incorporate real pumpkins and being the neutral decor lover that I am, found Trader Joe's to offer the best muted pumpkins around. I just used an old Tobacco basket that I already owned, torn pages from a scrapped book and in no particular order scattered the baby pumpkins around the larger one. It was a fairly inexpensive and extremely easy addition to our farmhouse table.
I've really been loving this specific scent and have been trying to research what oil mixture creates it so I can make my own soy candles. It's not overly spicy and just makes the home smell yummy.

Also, I'm going to be keeping this Fresh Baked Pumpkin Pies sign up year round because.. why not? lol I love baking pies no matter what season it is, so it's fitting. (Although showing an apple pie immediately under it, is not. lol)

Hope everyone is enjoying fall around their homes too.