Naked Cake

June 6, 2017

I'm loving the trend of naked cakes and actually made this very same cake for Harlow's first birthday. It's nice having a fresh homemade cake and getting the little ones to participate in making it.
Prepare 1 box of your favorite cake mix. For the kids, I always use the mix with funfetti inside. One box will create two 6" round cakes. Make sure that you generously coat the pan in coconut oil so that it comes out nice and easy!

Once your cakes are baked and cool (about 5-10 minutes) remove them from the pan and carefully wrap them in plastic wrap. Once your cooled cakes are wrapped, place them in the freezer overnight. This step is very important. Working with and cutting frozen cakes is so much easier with less chance of crumbling.

I always cut off the top layer of my cakes to give a flatter surface. The kids love eating the tops too!

The next step is to the cut the cakes in half with a sharp knife. So now you have 4, 6" round flat pieces.

I typically use two large containers of cream cheese icing for my cakes. I like to have a large chunk of icing between each layer, plus a huge coating on the top.

Fill in any gaps you see with icing and don't be afraid to gently shift the cake around to get a nice even look. Whats great about naked cakes is they are imperfect. No matter how messy they get, they still turn out uniquely beautiful.

Lastly, garnish and decorate the top with fresh flowers. I always use pale pink and whites (carnations and daisy's) with some babies breaths for accent.