DIY Vintage Letter Board

June 5, 2017

I saw a few of these Letter Boards popping up around Instagram lately and I immediately wanted one.  There are so many sayings you can write (umm, can we say Halloween or Christmas) and I'm totally all for customization around here. I still love the chalkboard my hubs built for me last year and I think once the kids get the hang of reading, they'll enjoy this Letter Board too. Something about personalized messages really makes a house feel homey, not to mention fun. The only problem I ran into with these boards is that they literally run around $75-$100 on Etsy. Are you kidding me? So, I attempted to make one myself and this was a DIY that literally couldn't of turned out better.

 So here's what to do if you want one of these in your home too!
Things you'll need:
colored felt
1/4" wooden square dowel rods
spray adhesive
glue gun
Everything needed to make this project, I was able to purchase at Hobby Lobby. I decided on the above frame and wanted to leave it unfinished. I liked the look of the wood against the stark black felt. You can use any color felt you want (I was in between using a heathered grey and black, but decided on the black.) Also, it is very important to make sure you buy the square dowel rods in 1/4 inch. If you use rounded dowels, there is a huge possibility that your letters won't stick. The dowel's come pretty long, but for my size frame Jesse was able to cut 3 dowels to one rod and I used approximately 14 big rods total.

Cut your felt squares into 1" thick strips the width of your frame. Using the spray adhesive, spray a light layer onto the felt and roll the dowel up tightly. Trim the excess felt on the ends and place your covered dowels into the frame.

I made sure to pack the dowels as tightly as I could. I didn't want any light or spacing to show between the rods, plus I wanted to make sure my letters would wedge in as firmly as possible. Once you have all the dowels in place, you can either secure the back with a hot gun glue (along each of the sides where the dowel rods are placed), put the frame backing on (if your frame included one) or use a thin piece of particle board for a neat, finished look.

I really wanted white Letter Board letters, but let me tell you they are impossible to find unless you order online. Hobby Lobby sold Heidi Swapp letters, which came in champagne (what I have), hot pink or black. I plan to also order this set of white online but wanted to test out the 1" sized letters beforehand.

I am so happy with how this Letter Board turned out and plan on keeping it in our sunroom on a little table between our two armchairs. Keep me posted if you end up making your own!
Cost Breakdown:
14 dowel rods (.29/piece) - $4.06
7 pieces of black felt (.79/piece) - $5.53
unfinished open wood frame ($19.99 originally) - $12
// Hobby Lobby's wood frames are usually 50%, they weren't when I was there but I was able to pull up a 40% off coupon on my phone. //
spray adhesive ($6.99) - $0 I had some on hand from a previous project
Heidi Swapp letters ($14.99) - $9
 //purchased on a different day so I could use the 40% off coupon //
Total Price: $30.59