Into The Woods

August 29, 2016

We finally took our first official camping trip of the summer in late August. We wanted to create some memories with the little ones and detach from the hectic-ness of daily life. No phone's or television - just nature, some music and each other. It was really nice to just slow down.

 There was a lot of freedom since we didn't have to worry about cars or people so the kids were in heaven. Brody enjoyed getting to eat breakfast and lunch outside and we got a kick out of watching Harlow attempt to maneuver in her boots. It ended with her being barefoot most of the time, but who needs 'em anyway when you're in the middle of the forest.

  In the morning, we decided to take a hike to the mineral springs. Jesse and I love being outdoors and hope that sense of exploration rubs off on them.

During Harlow's naps Brody got to drive his trucks around the cabin while collecting rocks which probably made Jesse and I the coolest parents alive.

Hey, we'll take it.

Our evenings were spent around a cozy fire teaching Brody how to make the perfect s'more (and keeping him, a little fire bug, slightly away from it). He fell asleep in my arms our last night there and I soaked that sweetness entirely up. He is such a little boy now and those tiny toddler moments are incredibly fleeting. I enjoyed some pumpkin beer too. Yes, I know it's still hot out, and it's summer.. but clearly I don't care about jumping the gun folks because pumpkin beer and smore's is a pretty great combo.


Brody wanted to hold this caterpillar so bad and Jesse kept insisting not to touch it because it "might be poisonous". Dad needs to brush up on his woodland creatures (and his rusty mountain pie making skills lol). Aren't the white ones the "bad" guys?

 We took the kids swimming at the lake Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the water was refreshing.

Until next time! Which we're already hoping for come fall.