Lemon Crumb Muffins

April 3, 2016

I think I've mentioned my little guy is a picky eater before, have I? Well... he is.  Unfortunately it takes all of the energy combined between my husband and I to get him to eat, let alone try something new. Sometimes I get sad because of all the delicious treats he's missing out on and tend to travel down that road of wondering if I failed him with foods. I've heard this can be common with his age, but still's defeating no less. We're slowly working on it and I feel like a warrior mom the days I succeed. Those days where both kids eat and eat well, I totally feel like I have my shit together.

The things he does love are so strange for a three year old boy. For example, hummus. I'm not sure I even had hummus until I was an adult, but hey healthy snack... I'm all for it! He's also become interested in lemon flavored anything, literally anything - including hummus. As of late, he's been eating these lemon flavored bars as a quick breakfast on mornings he has preschool, but I've been hoping to find an alternative with a little less preservatives and a tiny bit more home-made. I stumbled upon this recipe last week and it was a huge hit with the whole family. Being bakery style and sweet they're also complimentary to a morning cup of hot coffee. I personally love the crunchy crumble topping. There are substitute ingredients to make it health(ier), lower calorie, etc.

*I did make these again afterwards using organic eggs, whole wheat flour, applesauce and coconut oil.

If you are like me and love the smell of lemon... these are the perfect treat to bake on a spring day. 


I leave off the glaze to reduce sugar for the little ones, but feel free to glaze those babies up!