Pastel Deviled Eggs

March 26, 2016

We colored eggs this week and I spent a few days thinking of a way to not waste them.  As delicious as they can be, eating over a dozen in a few days can be pretty difficult (particularly if you have a stubborn toddler who is outlandishly picky with every single thing he eats).  I'm not even kidding, he refused to eat garlic bread last week insisting the seasoning was "tiny pieces of broccoli MOM".

Having several hard-boiled eggs on hand in combination with Easter tomorrow, I decided to make these pastel deviled eggs to bring along as a snack for our family get-together.  I was surprised at how pretty they actually turned out and the recipe is ridiculously easy.  10 minutes tops (if you already have the boiled eggs on hand).  Finding multiple purposes for items is something I always love.

You can use natural dye with dark and bright colored foods such as grape juice, beets, blueberries, paprika and red cabbage - or, simply use food coloring from your local grocers.

It really is that easy and the kids get a kick out of the colored eggs.