Jaipur Acacia Wood Bench

February 21, 2016

If any of you have seen my Instagram post a week ago, you've seen the new Acacia Wood farmhouse table I found at 'At Home' for our sunroom.  I am still in shock that I discovered this beautiful piece because they retail on the Internet upwards of a thousand or more.  I took a dozen photos with my phone, texted the hubs (he was at work) and we ran out later that evening to pick it up.  Honestly the purchase price was pretty great, but anything I want to buy that ends up saving my husband from custom-building himself is even sweeter.
With this farmhouse table came a matching Acacia Wood bench that you could purchase additionally.  Originally, I wasn't a fan of the bench for the sole reason that it couldn't be slid underneath the table for space-saving reasons.  My husband being the logical one, suggested buying it to match (he's very particular about those kinds of things as you will continually learn) but placing it instead at the front entryway in our living room.  We could carry it into the sunroom for additional seating when seldom needed, but have it in a more permanent place that's useful as well.  So smart! I've always read to have purpose with your décor, and in this case it's multiple.

So today, after dealing with a babe that wouldn't nap - we spent our Sunday afternoon putting together another piece of furniture.

My husband was impressed with the quality and detail of wood, along with the hand-finished beveled legs.  The bench is very heavy and extremely easy to assemble.  It literally came with the bench top and four legs. 

Attached to a leg was a certificate stating it's originality, genuine Indian handmade construction and historical authenticity.  The finish is a burnt white and the bench measurements are 54 inch x 18 inch x 18 inch.  It's a pretty wide seat which also contributes to its comfort.

Anyone who is contemplating buying one, we highly recommend! The bench is sturdy, high quality and easy to build.  It adds the perfect traditional English farmhouse touch as a stand alone, or complimentary seating to it's matching table.